Ensuring sustainability of Grassroots businesses
in Trinidad, Tobago and the Caribbean

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Ensuring sustainability of Grassroots businesses in Trinidad, Tobago and the Caribbean.



Grassroots Chamber of Commerce

The Grassroots Chamber of Commerce is a platform for positioning cottage, micro and small entrepreneurs into the sharing and access economy, in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. A Chamber of Commerce, is an essential intermediary, between government, business and the general public. By joining the Grassroots Chamber of Commerce, businesses tap into a suite of benefits and services, within a global network, which support economic growth and development. Learn more...




Men and women everywhere are all agreed, that, the world as we knew it, has changed.

The Covid-19 contagion and its containment measures, is a global event, causing planet-wide impact. The contagion, has changed our view of the world, the ways in which we think, and how we order our lives.  The human tragedy of loss of lives, disrupted, and grief stricken families, traumatized communities, socio-economic changes, caused by the pandemic-containment and confinement, will live long in our memories. The experience is painful, personal, emotional, psychological, societal, economic, and cultural; and it triggers a sense of uncertainty, as to what the future holds. Even though the situation represents one of the greatest social and economic challenges of our time, we can be optimistic about the future. As we rethink our lives and activities, the Grassroots Chamber of Commerce, is positioned to be an indispensable pathway of opportunities. The Chamber aims to leverage the collective experiences of its members to optimise the shared resilience and inspiration to triumph the current challenges.  The Grassroots Chamber calls to the concepts of innovation to reinvent and restructure the current business operations of its members, so that they can; Survive, Adapt, Recover and Grow from their current reality.



Our Main Benefits & Services

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Member Benefits  
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Business Owner Benefits

​​For the entrepreneur, risk is constant. Membership in Grassroots Chamber of Commerce offers a number of risk management options at affordable rates.

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Risk Management

Membership in the Grassroots Chamber of Commerce offers you immediate access to tap into a market of 14 million people requiring goods and services with opportunities for investment and regional trade.

Becoming a member of Grassroots Chamber of Commerce automatically qualifies you for a suite of benefits.  Your business is open to consolidated negotiation on goods and services, collective procurement for cheaper bulk purchasing, micro-credit access, discounted training and professional services.


Our Main Services


Who can Join?

Grassroots Businesses, in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean representing:  Sole proprietors, Start-Ups, ‘Mom & Pop’ enterprises, partnerships, cottage industries, micro-enterprises, Limited Liability Companies, Community-Based Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations. Individuals with business interests and in need of investment support. We ask that all our members be legally registered, but if your business is not registered, the Chamber can assist with this process.


How to Join

Becoming a member of the Grassroots Chamber of Commerce is a simple and easy process.
1. Fill out an Online Application Form
2. Deposit Registration Fee to identified Account
3. Send Proof of Deposit by WhatsApp or email.


Feel free to call the office to schedule an appointment where one of our friendly and professional Grassroots Ambassadors will assist you through the process.


Our Clients Say

Hear from some of our clients

Kalifa Mc Alister

“As a young female entrepreneur, Grassroots Chamber of Commerce provides a perfect platform for my products to reach a regional and international market.  I’m also happy for access to experts at my fingertips that can answer the basic questions as I encounter them"

Island Goddess Products
Elton Aleong

“As an artisan I pride myself on professional and excellent work.  The Grassroots Chamber of Commerce offers me another platform to reach more customers and engage with like-minded entrepreneurs”

Elton General Upholstering
Currline Cooper

“The Grassroots Chamber of Commerce has really exposed me to changes within the law as it relates to non-profits and I am so proud to say that our organization is now registered under the new Non-Profit Organisation Act”

Rio Claro Sport and Leisure Foundation

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Grassroots Chamber of Commerce

Ensuring sustainability of Grassroots
businesses in Trinidad ,Tobago and the Caribbean.

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